15 Crazy-Cool Business Card Ideas That Are Sure To Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

If you think business cards are just boring pieces of paper to be handed out at awkward networking events, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Though their color, size, and textures differ, these 15 business cards all have one thing in common: They stand out from the crowd.

Their unconventional designs and unexpected features prove we can be professional while still indulging our creative side. After all, work is a large part of life, and, in some ways, makes us who we are. That’s why a business card doesn’t have to be “just” a piece of paper — it can be a meaningful extension of ourselves.

Check out these 15 one-of-a-kind business cards, and you might even be inspired to take full advantage of this pocket-sized opportunity to showcase your life-sized passion.  

1. This pulse-taking business card is nothing short of a medical miracle.



2. With grate power, comes grate responsibility — and this cheese store takes that responsibility seriously.


3. Ward off desk invaders with the “Cardapult.”


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